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PADIWA, an exclusive Android/iOS application, for “Packaged Drinking Water” manufacturers

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Provides you Instant Quote and inevitable information on BIS certification for any product

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One stop solution for purchase of Chemicals, Glassware, Equipment and all your laboratory needs

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History of E CUBE INTERNATIONAL is quite fascinating, as it all started from a nutshell to study and enlighten the fresh concepts that originated in our lives, about 20 years ago. Basically, as chemical engineers, we commenced our career in a packaged drinking water manufacturing Industry. Progressively, we became skilled in each and every fragment of this field, which apparently included mandatory certification of BIS to various products. Data congregated from folks of different walks of life related to BIS Certification, regular up-gradation of these data and the never ending thirst to explore, significantly facilitated us to attain the milestones.

Initially, there were about 70 products for which BIS Certification was mandatory, like, packaged drinking water, LPG Cylinders etc.

Our fiery aspiration to learn and explore different perceptions, steered us into this field of BIS certification of various other products. Driven by pioneering notions, designs and passion to discover a variety of incredible conceptions, aided us to strive and endure in the field. Now, there are about 400 products that requires mandatory certification and the list indeed would include more number of products in future.



Today, we are elated to express that E CUBE INTERNATIONAL is the only organization to provide service and workforce with a complete virtual office system in every region of South India. Momentarily, we are forecasting to emphasize on new schemes in other parts of India, especially in Delhi and Pune.

Premier to launch and familiarize the theory of edging the ROADMAP – which was completely novel to this field. Each and every road map was indeed sensibly designed and edged according to the products required by the customer.



E Cube International has extended its commercial link in Manufacturing and trading of testing equipment, Chemicals, Glassware and so on. Under the name PADIWA (an android and iOS application) and www.jadaayu.com.

We have introduced this website with an exertion to benefit and guide the customers. With a keen emphasis to guide and support the customers who demand to pursue BIS certification for their respective products, we have hurled another website www.biscertificate.com.This website would be a walkover to all the consumers who desire to freshen up on BIS Certification.


What we do beyond:

  • Calibration of test equipment as per BIS requirement.
  • Outsourcing of test equipment on customer’s demand.
  • Training offered to perform tests as per BIS standards.
  • Manufacture and Design of equipment according to BIS.
  • Supply of testing equipment for Hallmarking and assaying gold.
  • Documentation & training to examine hallmarking of gold.
  • Application process towards grant of licence from BIS.
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